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Credit 101

You need to know the basics so you can see how each financial action you take will help or hurt your credit. This is important because in order to get approved for the best cards, expand your credit limits, and grow your score to start actually leveraging it to create a passive income, you'll have to have strong foundations to build on!

Travel Hacks

When you invest in Credit Legends, you also get access to tons of additional content including but not limited to: private jet and travel hacks, and elite statuses, You can use these bonus videos to start instantly reaping the benefits of all that credit has to offer you and start exploring the world

Leverage Credit

Take things to the next level with your credit..You'll learn all the industries biggest hidden secrets that major banks and corporations don't want you to know. We are going to completely change the way you think about credit and your own social currency so that you can take advantage of all the great things that credit has to offer!

Steve Park & Alex Lim

Steve and Alex are business entrepreneurs and credit gurus that have successfully built their own seven-figure business over the past few years by leveraging their credit.
Their work has been notoriously noticed from their involvement in being some of the first experts to teach others how to successfully leverage their credit to build their business with little to no capital.
Steve and Alex's mantra to others entering the program is to create a lifestyle by YOUR design, they are mentors to some of the top Entrepreneurs and Credit influencers that you probably have already heard of on Instagram and Facebook.
In their free time, they like to travel the world - you can see that on their Instagram.
For the first time ever, Alex and Steve are letting you in behind the scenes and teaching you the exact systems  and hacks they used for their own success so that you can do it too!

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